Wednesday, November 24, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!As you all know this Sunday begins the new Church year. For your information it is Cycle "B" for the scripture readings on Sunday. The liturgical year is our journey with the Lord. It is divided into 1: Advent (four weeks before Christmas) 2: Christmas cycle
(Dec,25-The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord ..Jan.9) 3:In 2011 from Jan.9 to Mar.9 will be Ordinary time. This changes each year depending on when Easter is celebrated. 4: Lenten 2011 Ash Wednesday is on March 9 5:The Easter season from Easter to Pentecost ( the Fifty Days of Easter)
6:Ordinary 2011 this goes from June 12 tThe o Nov.26

The scripture meditations will be different this year. The Bishops' Conference has produced a series of daily reflectiions on video . All you have to do is click here I am sure you will find these reflections a beautiful way to start the day.

Dave Brubeck, the famous jazz pianist, was Baptized a Catholic a few years ago. In thanksgiving he composed a Mass which he called A Celebration of Hope. I realize that his music is not everyone's cup of tea. I would ask you all to listen to it just briefly and follow the searching of the first few minutes to the joy of discovery.

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